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Who is No More Debt

No More Debt has more than 35 years’ experience combined and is an energetic and vibrant company. We started from humble beginnings and are always here to find a solution for our clients situations and debt enquiries. The panel of attorneys we are working with both are professional and experienced.

  • We can assist with Debt counselling
  • We can assist with voluntary surrender of your estate / sequestration
  • We can assist with liquidation
  • We can assist with the recovery of business to business debt
  • We can assist with a vehicle on rent-to-own

Come and meet us for a free consultation and a cappuccino.

So, what puts us at the top of our game?

We believe in transparency, which means we build trust by being honest and upfront with our clients when assessing their financial situation. We don’t sugar-coat the problems; we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know! Look at our innovative services and products. This is what makes us different. We do not just do the simple and easy work, we do the hard work. This takes skilled experienced personnel, country wide strong relationships and the will to serve no matter how big or small the problem is.

We can meet with you face-to-face or telephonically. Best of all, our consultations are free!

Contact us now to become debt free on +27 (012) 941 4001 or complete the form.

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We specialise in

Debt Counselling/Debt Review

Is your debt giving you sleepless nights?

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Are you about to lose all that is valuable to you?

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Does your business need rescuing from debt-ridden waters?

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Vehicles Under Stress

Are your car repayments adding to your heap of debt?

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Property Under Stress

You haven’t paid your bond in months, what do you do?

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