Business Debt Recovery

There are no upfront costs and you only pay if we recover money.


As Business people we have found that civil action as part of debt collection is at best a very unsatisfactory process due to the following:

  • The process is very expensive, especially if we have to go to the High Court.
  • The process takes very long.  If actual proceeding s are instituted it can often take years before a claim is settled.
  • The client has to go out on Risk.  Civil action costs have to be paid up front, and there are no guarantees of success.

As Specialists in the areas of Sequestration and Liquidation we have now launched the following service in order to curb costs associated with Business Debt Recovery, as well as the excessive time delays.  What does the product entail?

  1. No upfront cost involved for the client, we do not recover your money you do not pay us anything
  2. The debt must be Business debt
  3. There must be no dispute on the claim.
  4. Once the claim is proven we will demand payment within 21 days from the Debtor
  5. Should no payment be received in the 21 days and no payment arrangements have been made, we then immediately proceed with an Application for Liquidation.

It is important to understand that if your money cannot be recovered through this process, civil action will not be successful either,and it did not cost you a cent in the process.  We will proceed with the actual Liquidation of the Business, should there be assets in the Business that can be realised to the benefit of you our client.

So the bottom line of the process is that you as our client will either have your money after 21 to 28 days or we proceed with further action in Liquidating the Business should there be enough proven benefit.

We at No More Debt have proven beyond doubt that we can and will save our clients Millions of rands in Legal cost, and substantially improve Cash Flow.

Just complete the information form, and we will make an appointment to come and see you.