You’ve made it through the silly season, but that doesn’t mean that the stress is over. In fact, now comes the hard part, and that’s paying back all the money you borrowed and spent over the silly season. It’s a given fact that consumers are reckless over Christmas – just one glance at last year’s consumer debt report and you’ll see that South Africans love to spend, especially on credit.

The truth is, every time the December holidays draw near, many are tempted to spend money they just don’t have, and this is exactly why they call Christmas the “silly season”. A time of generosity and excessive extravagance, the silly season is a time when routine and all self-discipline take the back seat. Regrettably when it comes to money and debt, this is one back seat you don’t want to be in.

It is terrifying how quickly one can move from being in total control of one’s finances, to sinking neck deep in debt. A daily reality for millions of South Africans, if you’ve found yourself in this exact position, then the best thing that you can do right now is to tackle your debt head on. While it may seem easier to take out additional secured or unsecured loans to pay back credit cards, and bond and car payments – this is the worst possible mistake that you can make. Although juggling creditors may seem like the perfect act today, it may prove to be otherwise tomorrow, especially when you find yourself with a judgement or two. What you need is a healthy sustainable solution – you need debt assistance!

Accredited as one of the top three debt management companies in the southern hemisphere, at No More Debt, we’ve helped over 10 000 clients through our debt assistance services, and can help you with yours. Boasting a dynamic team of debt counselling experts, not only do we understand debt, but we also know just how easy it is to fall into its trap. If you’d like to avoid a serious debt hangover in the months following Christmas, then keep reading to learn more about how we can assist you.

Catch Up with Your Debt and Get Your Life Back on Track with Debt Counselling

A far better solution than that of bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession or sequestration – debt counselling is simple, convenient and the first step towards debt relief. With the aim to reduce your minimum amount payable by extending your repayment terms, not only will our debt counsellors negotiate ONE reduced payment each month until you’ve paid off all your debt, but we will also negotiate to reduce your interest rates by up to 100%. Furthermore, your debt counsellors will also get your creditors to stop harassing you and all legal action taken against you will immediately fall away.

A financial rescue that offers many benefits to the over-indebted consumer, when you’re in debt counselling you will immediately fall under the protection of the National Credit Act. What this means is that your creditors will not be allowed to contact you or send you all those intimidating letters that demand payment and threaten legal action. In fact, legal action, such as judgements, garnishee orders, blacklisting, sequestration and foreclosure, will immediately fall away. But, possibly the greatest benefit of debt counselling is that it affords you the freedom to start over again with a clean credit record.