Had a really difficult financial year and to top it off you’ve just received a foreclosure notice in the mail? It’s not easy surviving in today’s difficult financial climate and inactive job market. Life has become expensive – not only has the price of food sky-rocketed, but electricity, water, fuel, interest rates and school fees have also left a huge dent in our pockets.

It should come as no surprise to learn that recent statistics from the National Consumer Regulator revealed that over 6 000 cars and over 2 000 homes are seized and taken to the auction floor each year, which means that there are currently thousands of over-indebted consumers who are experiencing exactly the same thing as what you are right now!

While it may feel as though there is no end to your downward spiral, we’re here to tell you that it’s almost a new year, so why not start it off debt free! If you’re one of the many South Africans who are about to lose a car or home to foreclosure, then let us at No More Debt assist you with voluntary sequestration. Accredited as one of the top debt management companies in South Africa, we have helped over 10 000 South Africans and can help you too!

Let the Future Begin Today With No More Debt

At No More Debt, we understand that you’re already in an extremely tough spot (you’re about to lose your home or car), so the last thing that you want to hear is the word “sequestration”. But what many over-indebted defaulters fail to realise is that voluntary sequestration is a far better option than having the Sherriff of the Court seize and auction off your assets, for next to nothing.

While property and moveable assets typically fetch around 50 to 60 percent of their value at a Sherriff’s auction, it should be understood that there will be NO profits left over for you at the end of the sale. This means that you will lose every cent that you have ever invested, and what’s more is if by some chance the auction is a loss for the creditor, you’ll have the Sherriff back on your doorstep for more. Once you learn more about sequestration, you will see how it can be to your advantage.

You Gain More with Voluntary Sequestration

The first step to taking control of your debt is to stop borrowing and use what you have to settle, and depending on the amount that you owe, this could mean having to sell one of your moveable assets. A lifesaver to those who are about to lose their home or vehicle – voluntary sequestration offers you the mercy of choosing the asset that you’d like to sell at a market-related price. And if that’s not enough, voluntary sequestration is also the only practice in South Africa where you get to legally walk away from at least 80 percent of your debt! Furthermore, any 30-year judgements will fall away after only a few years.

It’s a new year and a new beginning – let the future begin today with No More Debt. Simply pick up the phone for a friendly chat on how we can help you start the New Year become debt free!