Vehicle Product

Car repayment debt


When you have lost your vehicle or your vehicle is about to be taken from you, we can buy you a vehicle. Our Vehicle product is 100% as per any normal vehicle finance from any of the major Banks.

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How do I qualify for a vehicle after I have lost mine?

We do not take poor credit record into account for Financing a vehicle.  The following is the only criteria that we will apply:

  • You must prove affordability. We apply the normal National Credit Act criteria, Income less Living expenses, less your commitments to Creditors. If you can afford a vehicle, we will buy you a vehicle for the amount you can afford, purely based on your specification.  Bottom line we will buy any car as long as you can afford it. Try us, we need a Ferrari on the fleet!
  • You must have a 20% deposit.
  • Repayment over 5 years.
  • All maintenance, services and other costs for your own pocket. This is your vehicle.  You can settle it at any time, sell it as per normal finance.(Terms and Conditions Apply).